S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 - Windsor Palladium & Black Lighter

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The Ligne 2 collection of lighters by S.T. Dupont are know for their famous 'cling' sound. Lighters in this range are true classics, transformed with a modernized touch.

For this lighter, S.T. Dupont and Cohiba, the most well known and established cigar brand, have united together to create an extraordinary lighter. In the past, at the turn of the century, S.T. Dupont has collaborated with the brand before, and has now combined all skill to create new and improved luxurious instruments.

This lighter outshines in its black and white squares and striking yellow surface, after the iconic features of the Cohiba cigars. The Indian golden head in the middle shows the emblem of Cohiba. Moreover, its overall gold body creates a new realm of class and style, referring to S.T. Dupont's luxurious instruments.

Additionally, the material of the lighter consists of yellow gold and natural laqcuer. The lighter contains a dual ignition system and not to be missed, the iconic S.T. Dupont "click" when the lighter is opened or closed.

Luxurious, stylistic and efficient: this lighter is a truly unique item.

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