S.T. Dupont Minijet - Pink Torch Flame Lighter

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This adorably compact lighter is ready for its forever home in your pocket! Durably built from solid brass, the MiniJet from S.T. Dupont stands up to every day use despite its small stature. Covered in a bubblegum pink epoxy lacquer, this lighter sweetly delivers a tempting jet flame for lighting cigars or cigarettes. You'll always know when its time to fuel up with the fuel gauge window and can rest easy knowing that your MiniJet is packed by S.T. Dupont's quality craftsmanship.

  • Single Torch Flame Lighter; Wind-Resistant
  • Single Action Sidebar Ignition; S.T. Dupont Logo Stamped
  • Approx. Dimensions: 2.15 in (Length) x 1.25 in (Width) x 0.45 in (Thickness)
  • Fuel Level Window; Butane Refillable
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